Dianrong is China’s leading Internet financial services company headquartered in Shanghai. Named the “Lending Club of China”, the company was founded in 2012 by Soul Htite, co-founder and former Head of Technology at Lending Club, who joined efforts with Kevin Guo, a PE fund partner and a lawyer from Shanghai to create China’s most innovative financial solutions offering. With over 1,700 employees and 18 offices across China, Dianrong.com focuses on two distinct businesses:

1. The online marketplace: the platform www.dianrong.com facilitates personal and business loans by connecting quality borrowers to millions of potential lenders in China through their powerful, easy to use and secure internet infrastructure. They use technology to lower the cost of acquisition, operations and loan servicing, and pass on such cost benefits to borrowers in the form of lower rates and to investors in the form of more attractive returns.

2. Banking solutions services: This business unit focuses on assisting large financial institutions to transform their operations from a traditional model to a modern internet finance enabled business. Their offering combines technology with risk management techniques on a platform that they have built and operated over the past few years.  

Since its inception in 2012, Dianrong has built a trusted brand with a track record of delivering exceptional value and satisfaction to borrowers, lenders and business partners. Dianrong has been featured widely in the local and global media, and has been named one of the most promising, fastest growing internet companies in China.


CAQ Holdings Limited

CAQ Holdings Limited is a listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange.  It has secured the second diamond import license in China, as well as real estate properties in Haikou, Southern China with special terms and conditions.  With Beijing Enterprises Group Co., Ltd as one of its major shareholders, the Company has a unique and exclusive offer to diamond processing enterprises as a real estate business owner and property developer, whilst building an active online portal for the Company to distribute diamonds to consumers in different parts of China.  It is poised and ready to exploit the opportunities arising from a rapidly growing demand for diamonds in the country.


Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd

As a leading digital medical imaging equipment provider in China, Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd (Neusoft), which is a subsidiary of Neusoft Corporation (SSE: 600718), has successfully developed a series of medical imaging products, such as CT, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound and PET.  Founded in 1998, Neusoft is the supporting organization for China’s National Digital Imaging Research Centre.  Software development is a core competency of Neusoft, and its leadership in such has led it to become the market leader in medical equipment and services. Its products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions around the world, serving nearly 9,000 medical institutions worldwide.  Our Fund has invested into Neusoft along with other investors like Goldman Sachs, Hony Capital, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Frontline BioVentures.